Proven Wind Turbines

The most robust, dependable and efficient wind turbine currently being built in the small to medium wind turbine sizes.

Utilizing the power of the wind is not a new concept. The sailing ships of the ancient Greeks, to the grain mills of pre-industrial Holland are just a few examples of such wind applications over the centuries. Between 1870's to the 1930's, windmills dotted the landscape across America's heartland. The concept is not new! However, the technology has greatly improved.

If you are thinking about reducing your energy bill, or providing a sustainable solution to your energy needs, Northern Plains Winds Energy would be honored to assist you. We can help to determine if you have sufficient wind in your area, the size of turbine that would be needed to meet your needs, review the site to assess location and tower height, order and install your turbine for you.

About Proven Wind Turbines

Un-manned Oil Derrick


Ocean Front

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Proven Energy, internationally patented wind turbines, are now available in America! Northern Plains Wind Energy was selected as the dealer for Montana, North and South Dakota, and North Eastern Wyoming. The Proven turbines are the result of 30 years of innovative research, development and testing of their systems. Providing a reliable, sustainable, low maintenance power source, that has undergone rigorous testing at sites exposed to extreme conditions. You will find Proven Turbines on the Falkland Islands, in Australia and New Zealand, the UK and northern European coastal areas, on offshore unmanned oil platforms, the harsh desert of Saudi Arabia, and at the International Scientific Research Station in Antarctica. In all locations, the Proven turbines have met the challenges of wind and weather.

Design and Performance:

The key to the success of the Proven turbine is the unique patented design of the Twintex (glass thermoplastics) blades and assembly, which adapts to the strongest wind, optimizing performance and safety. The tilt-up self supporting monopole towers and appropriate sized base units are installed with concrete and rebar grid specifications, which make annual inspections easier and more efficient. All Proven turbines come with a 5 year warranty that includes parts and labor, when installed by a company certified installer. 97% of the Proven turbines installed, operate at or in excess of their optimum rated capacity. We appreciate the fact that Proven does not exaggerate their turbines performance, for marketing purposes.

Low Noise & Low Maintenance:

Designed to minimize noise and maintenance, the Proven turbines have a direct drive generator, which operates without a gearbox. The generator load is continually monitored to keep blades rotating at a low speed, while optimizing power output. Provens probably have one of the lowest blade tip speeds of modern small turbines, decreasing sound. You will hear only the swish of the blades turning in the wind.

Cut In & Cut Out Speed:

The Proven Turbines cut in speed is a low 5 mph. There is no cut out speed. That means in high winds, the turbine does not have to stop or furl out of the wind to protect itself from damage. The blade assembly allows the downwind turbines to cone slightly, reducing rpms, rather than having to resist the winds force. This means the blades last a lot longer than others on the market and allows the turbine to survive winds up to 159 mph while continuing to produce power.


A totally encapsulated, direct-drive, permanent magnet generator ensures that maintenance is kept to a bare minimum with very few moving parts. This system does not require a gearbox. This design minimizes maintenance.

Systems & Applications:

All Proven Turbines are available in three standard systems, which manage how the electricity produced is used. Grid Connect, Battery Charging and Direct Heating.

Northern Plains Wind Energy personnel will assess your site and discuss your past and future electrical usage requirements. We want to work with you to find a sustainable energy solution, that fits your specific needs.

See Technical Specifications to review specific turbines